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Every organization has a pulse, a heartbeat. Ours beats for unwrapping the stories of people, creating connection and an environment both suitable and sustainable for growth, only to unlock and unleash the vats of possibility and potential, laying dormant within. The I Am What I Believe Foundation was hatched from a seed of curiosity, a desire to live authentically, and to empower others.

We are passionate about our mission to provoke belief, empower purpose, and tell every story because of the moments in our lives that left us defeated, silenced, and in search of identity. We desire to challenge those spaces that keeps us from living to our fullest potential, creating an answer for individuals and communities that are seeking to discover, articulate, or navigate who they are and what they believe!

We are not here to motivate you we are here to challenge you.


  • 2012

    AUG 2012

    The, “I Am What I Believe Foundation” was birthed through the efforts of the Founder Curshion Jones during his senior year of college in August of 2012. It all began as a documentary series titled, “The Who I Am Series” which highlighted individuals’ testimonies of what they have experienced in life that made them who they are today. The Who I Am Documentary Series was created with a simple premise, invest time and help others. The series required that viewers see through the lens of humanity, putting aside all judgments and stereotypes, allowing connection through vulnerability.

  • 2013

    MARCH 2013

    We released the Who I Am Series to the public in March of 2013 and it rocked the net. Emails began to pour in from people impacted and those who wanted to share! Our first national campaign launched in October of 2013, titled “I Am Who I Am Because.” This campaign attracted people who were doing great things in their community. Introducing us to another dimension of amazing individuals doing extraordinary things across this nation, impacting lives, and making positive change.

  • 2014

    JAN 2014

    Co-Founders Curshion & Schermisia Jones began creating programs and curriculum to impact students and young adults. Every program is designed with a creative component and unique approach to meet the needs of those served. Our first program was the “If You Only Knew Me” initiative geared toward youth in several elementary through high schools. Since then IAWIB has been invited to schools and organizations to host programs such as anti-bullying week and custom programs created for the institution’s needs.

  • 2015

    SEPT 2015

    Marks a huge achievement and transition from the Who I Am Series to the current organization titled I Am What I Believe Foundation! Not only did we expand the purpose, mission, and name of our organization we officially became a recognized nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization. We celebrate this historical date with great honor and gratitude. We are now able to reach more people from all walks of life in even greater capacity, with even greater support and recognition. The process wasn’t easy but it was worth it!

  • 2017

    PRESENT 2017

    Our mission has expanded, our programs have been structured, and the Doc Series has a new name with even more purpose. We have been working behind the scenes to ensure that the vision of IAWIB is visible. We are determined to Impact the world, and we are hoping you will you join us!


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